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Design mastery and monetization. Free training!

Free Class Shows 'Graphics Design Techniques and Mastery' Using Your Smart Phone or Computer.

In this Training you will:

Free Class Shows the Following:

Intro to Graphic Design

Understand the basic principles underlying stunning graphics designs

Introduction to design tools such as Canva and Pixellab

Learn how to use design tools such as canva and pixellab.

Flyer creation

Learn how to design smart flyers that stand out.

Business card creation

How to create professional business cards for various business brands.

Logo designs

How to design logos for brand recognition.

Image Editing

How to remove unwanted backgrounds etc.

Intro to digital economy

Graphics designing in the E-commerce market.

Design skill monetization

How to earn money with graphics design.


Earn a free certificate at the end of the training.

There are more to learn!


There are more to learn. Join us to make cool stuffs, craft captivating visuals and innovate concepts. Start your adventure; the world is ready for you.

Product Dedsigns.

Crafting Practical and Aesthetic Solutions. Elevating Product designs and Packaging for Impact.

Magazines and eBooks Designs.

Discover the Art of Magazine and eBook Design – Unlock Visual Storytelling.

Video Animation.

Learn Dynamic Video Animation: Bring Stories to Life with Motion and Creativity.

Digital Publication.

Master Digital Publication: Create Interactive Content and Reach Audiences Effectively Online.

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International Designer

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Designers Trained

You may not see this opportunity again. Join over 7,000 Pro Designers in our community.

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